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How can I participate at the conference?


To register you should login with your nanoGe account and purchase your ticket at the conference registration.

To create an account, click at the ‘Registration’ tab and follow the instructions.


Login and join the conference

Login at your account and access to all the content during the conference. 

Days before the conference starts, you will receive an email with all the instructions needed to follow the conference.


What can you expect from the conference?

  • Live sessions

  • Happy hours to interact with other participants

  • Q&A Sessions & Discussions, where the speakers will answer the questions from the audience

  • Interactive poster session


 Join the ePoster Session

The ePoster session takes place in an interactive platform. This platform will be available for participants to join at the scheduled time.
ePoster platform content:
  • Directory with the list of Discussion Channels. Each ePoster has its own channel identified with the code assigned and the name of the author. For example, 003_Michal_Sullivan
  • General_Poster_Hall where you can find some basic information about all the eposters along with a direct URL to join their channel. The instructions and assistance will be displayed in this space.

Once you are in the chat, you need to identify yourself using the Talk as anonymous option.

If you are an author write your name and add the code of your ePoster. For example, 003_Michal_Sullivan.

When you first enter the ePoster Session chat platform, you will find the Directory with all the rooms.

    • Access the Chat room and locate the Discussion Channel of your ePoster prior to the start of the ePoster Session.
    • As a participant join as many channels as you are interested at.