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Fundamentals of Semiconductive Quantum Dots

Welcome to QDsSCHOOL
that will take place from May 11th to May 13th


It is aimed for researchers and students in the quantum dot community, with particular focus on semiconductive quantum dots like III–Vs, II–IVs as well as the more recent perovskites. With this school, we want to focus on teaching both the fundamentals to understanding the chemistry and physics of semiconductive quantum dots, as well as focusing on more advanced theories like surface chemistry, single dot optics and computational chemistry. Furthermore, we want to give a complete picture, going all the way from theory and synthesis to advanced characterization and devices.

We will discuss basic questions like: What is the chemistry behind making quantum dots and how do we control size, shape and composition? How can one derive their quantum confined optical properties? How can the size and shape be characterized and how do we study the surface ligands? How can we study quantum dots at a single dot level, as well as using computational methods to study optical properties and defect chemistry? What devices can be made using these quantum dots, how do you make these, and how are they characterized?

We hope that holding such a school online allows for access to all students, junior and senior researchers who would like to join, removing conventional barriers of normal workshops such as traveling time and high expenses.

These lectures will cover the topics starting from basic principles and finishing with some recent examples. There will be ample opportunities for questions and discussions as well.


Topics covered

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(Theory, chemistry)

Optical properties
(Theory, DFT calculations)

(LEDs, Solar cells, lasers)

Advanced characterization
(TEM, NMR, Single dot)

Important Dates

Early Registration's Deadline

26th April -  13:00h CEST

Poster Submission's Deadline

7th May -  16:00h CEST

If you want to submit your work as a participant you need to register first, as in the confirmation email you shall receive a link where to submit your work.


Developing countries

nanoGe aims to give equal opportunities to participants who work for an institution whose country is listed as “Developing country” (see here) by offering reduced fee tickets. To obtain this ticket contact us at before registering.

Group Registration

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Our Speakers

Haizheng Zhong

Invited Speaker

Jonathan De Roo

Invited Speaker

Brandi Cossairt

Invited Speaker

Gabriele Raino

Invited Speaker

Ivan Infante

Invited Speaker

Richard Schaller

Invited Speaker

Maria Antonietta Loi

Invited Speaker

Cherie Kagan

Invited Speaker

Victor Klimov

Invited Speaker

Thomas Altantzis

Invited Speaker

Iwan Moreels

Invited Speaker


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